On top of the workd with APM PQThe APM Practitioner Qualification (APM PQ)  is designed for experienced project managers of ‘non complex projects’ By non complex the APM means all but the most complex and challenging projects. The practitioner assessment looks at behaviour and skills in additions to knowledge. It  includes  a wide range of assessment methods to collect evidence of competence against 20 key criteria.

Key assessment criteria

Within the PQ you must be able to demonstrate a robust and practical understanding of the following criteria to pass

  1.  Demonstrate an understanding of project context and the overall business case
  2. Demonstrate a comprehensive application of project management planning
  3. Apply a risk management process competently to the project
  4. Optimise project plans to respond to a major change
  5. Demonstrate an ability to monitor project progress and take suitable controlling action
  6. Plan and conduct a suitable post project evaluation review
  7. Work effectively as a team member

Structure of the APMP Exam?

The assesment centre is a combination of role play, individual written work, in-box exercises and interviews

APM PQ Prior requirements

The APM has clear prerequisites for the APM PQ these include

have passed the APMP Qualification;
can demonstrate good familiarity with the APM Body of Knowledge (316kb) and have passed an equivalent qualification such as PMP, ISEB Certificate in Project Management, Open University Project Management Module M865
can demonstrate they have a good foundation knowledge of project management, supported by evidence of relevant CPD.

Parallel Project Training Approach

Parallel Project Training offer an innovative approach to the APM Practitioner Qualification including on-line prep workshops, and interactive PQ forum and one-to-one coaching.

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