APM Registered Project Professional


APM Project ProfessionalAPM Registered Project Professional  is the new professional standard from the APM. It demonstrates true commitment to the highest professional standards of project management.  The five dimensions of professionalism are:

BreadthThe application of the principles of project management as defined in the Body of Knowledge to a wide range of projects and sectors.


Which refers the the  range of and depth of competencies required for a professional project manager


Which includes a progressive approach to qualification and development with a wide range of qualifications to support your development through out your career.


To on-going professional development through a scheme of continuous professional development


Through the acceptance of the APM code of ethics.

Key assessment criteria

To be considered for this accreditation you must be have A

  • A good understanding of the APM Body of Knowledge
  • Been in a leadership position and delivered successful outcomes
  • Demonstrate 35 hours of CPD.
  • Understand the work to the APM code of ethics.

The application process

Candidates will complete an online application and e-portfolio of evidence which includes:

  • Short statements providing evidence of competence in the critical competences
  • A project-based CV to support the statements of competence
  • A record of CPD carried out in the previous 12 months
  • Named referees who can confirm a candidate’s suitability
  • Evidence of academic and professional qualifications

Contact Parallel Project Training for further support on APM Registered Project Professional

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