Government Apprenticeships Levy To Support New Project Managers

Ever since the 1980’s when professional qualifications in project management started to appear there has been a steady increase in the use of project management in all types of organisations. It is no longer confined to engineering or construction or IT software projects. In fact, project management is now used in almost every type of major business area and industry as companies tend to use project centric methods to grow and develop.

So whether you are involved in producing new high-tech products, building bridges, creating software applications, tourism, healthcare and many, many other fields the chances are you will come across projects in your working environment.

So it’s great news that a new UK Government Apprenticeship Levy looks set to encourage major employers to train their budding project managers in PM best practices. And, that those trainees will have started on a path to a series of professional qualifications culminating eventually in chartered status as a project management professional.

Young people who might enjoy and excel within a career as a project manager will no longer have to take a university degree to get started (with all the associated student debt issues that entails). So there is now a direct route straight into a project management career via a project management apprenticeship – these are Higher Apprenticeships that develop the practical skills and behaviours that a successful project manager requires.

More About The Apprenticeship Levy

The UK government wants to improve productivity in UK based companies by investing in the people who work there. It’s plan is to create 3 million more apprenticeships (including higher apprenticeships like the project management one) in England by 2020 and they are using the Apprenticeship Levy to ensure quality training is provided by employers. The Apprenticeship Levy comes into force in April 2017 and is charged at a rate of 0.5% of an employer’s salary bill if in excess of £3 million.


The Benefits of the Project Management Apprenticeship Programme


The PM apprenticeship programme is directly aligned with the industry standard APM Competence Framework so all apprentices will benefit from learning industry best practices. The employer will consequently benefit from these best practices being used to complete projects – resulting in more rigours management of projects and hence more consistently successful outcomes. The apprentice will also gain well-recognised and highly regarded professional qualifications and accreditation.

Project management apprenticeships are normally undertaken via a remote course of study using online tools so there is no requirement to travel far afield to attend training courses, meaning that location is not a deterrent to completing the programme. It can usually be complete within an 18 month – 2 year period.

Apprentices are taught a combination of theory and practical skills such as:

  • Budgeting and Cost Control
  • Communication
  • Risk management
  • Schedule management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Collaboration & Teamwork
  • Leadership


This is a marvellous opportunity for anyone to embark on a career in project management – the newest of the chartered professions. It can eventually lead to chartered status in this highly regarded and growing profession.


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